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Live LIGHT Academy

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Welcome to the Live LIGHT Academy. Move from busyness to blessing, from frustration to fulfilment and from miracles done to you to miracles done through you. 

To gain success on this pathway, there are 3 key ingredients - 

  1. Content
  2. Community
  3. Commitment

Content is what you find in the courses, but it's also weekly live meetings where you decide the direction of the discussion. You're comments and questions within the course also steer the development of future resources for you.  Check out the content on this page before making a decision.

Community is what you make of it. This isn't an information course it's a transformational process and transformation takes place best in community. Leave and respond to comments, attend the weekly live meetings whenever you can, be an active part of our Live LIGHT Friends Facebook group. 

Commitment is what you bring to this course. Every week there is homework designed to take you down the Live LIGHT Pathway. Commit to doing the work. It's not overwhelming. It will often be challenging. It will always be worth it. 

This process is transformational and worth the effort you put in. Can you afford to keep busyness and frustration as part of the day to day of your every day?

Live LIGHT Academy includes these courses

Live LIGHT Orientation
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Live LIGHT Commons
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Live LIGHT Library
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Live LIGHT Foundations
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Live Loved
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